HILKA 2000W Hot Air Gun

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200W Hot Air Gun

Hot air guns are commonly used for tasks such as paint stripping, adhesive removal, and heat-shrink tubing

  • Power: The hot air gun has two power input options: 1000W and 2000W, allowing you to select the appropriate power level based on your needs.
  • Variable Temperature Control and Air Flow: The hot air gun offers variable temperature control, with two temperature settings available: 350°C and 550°C. Additionally, it provides variable air flow control with two options: 300l/min and 500l/min. This versatility allows you to adjust the temperature and air flow to suit different applications.
  • Thermal Cut Out Safety Feature: The hot air gun is equipped with a thermal cut out safety feature, which automatically shuts off the tool if it overheats. This helps prevent any potential damage or accidents.
  • Paint and Adhesive Removal: This hot air gun is specifically designed for easy removal of paint and adhesive from various surfaces.
  • D Shaped Handle: The hot air gun features a D-shaped handle, which provides added safety protection and ensures a secure grip during operation.
  • Accessory Nozzles: The hot air gun comes with six accessory nozzles, which can be used for different tasks and applications, such as focusing the hot air on a specific area or directing the airflow in a particular pattern.
  • Specification: The power input options are 1000W and 2000W, the temperature settings are 350°C and 550°C, the air flow options are 300l/min and 500l/min, and the voltage and frequency are 230V-50Hz

TypeHot Air Gun

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