HILKA 9" 2400W Angle Grinder

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HILKA 9" 2400W Angle Grinder

The Hilka MAX 9" Angle Grinder is a robust and powerful tool designed for cutting and grinding tasks. Here are its notable features:

  • Powerful Motor: The angle grinder is equipped with a high-powered 2400-watt motor, providing ample power for a wide range of cutting and grinding applications
  • 180 Degree Rotating Rear Handle: A unique feature of this angle grinder is its 180-degree rotating rear handle. This design allows for maximum comfort and control, enabling you to use the grinder in both vertical and horizontal cutting and grinding applications
  • Adjustable Auxiliary Handle: The grinder includes an adjustable auxiliary handle with three positions. This feature enhances user comfort and allows for improved control during operation. The soft grip handle further adds to the ease of use
  • M14 Spindle Thread with Lock: The angle grinder features an M14 spindle thread with a lock mechanism. This enables quick and easy wheel changing, providing convenience and efficiency during operation
  • Adjustable Safety Guard: The grinder is equipped with an adjustable safety guard that can be positioned according to the specific cutting or grinding task. This feature ensures user safety and protects against debris or sparks
  • Soft Start: The angle grinder incorporates a soft start feature, which gradually increases the speed upon startup. This helps prevent sudden jerks or movements, enhancing safety and control
  • Included Accessories: The grinder comes with several useful accessories, including an adjustable grinding guard, a side handle, a spanner, a hex key, and a spare carbon brush set. These accessories assist in the operation, maintenance, and replacement of essential components
  • The Hilka MAX 9" Angle Grinder combines power, versatility, and user-friendly features to provide an efficient tool for various cutting and grinding tasks

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