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Citra Fizz

Industrial Powdered Thermo Chemical Drain Cleaner

 1L Bottle (approx 1kg powder)

Environmentally responsible.

Citra Fizz's special formula activates instantly on contact with warm water to produce a high temperature oxygenated fizzing action that dissolves

organic matter .  It works brilliantly on hair, oil, fat, grease, wax, soap scum, food particles and general drain sludge.

Safe to use on most metals and materials such as cast iron, brass, chromed & plastic pipes.  No lasting chemical smell.  Helps neutralise bad odors.

Can be used on:

  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Showers.
  • Floor drains.
  • Urinals. 
  • Grease traps.
  • Sewer lines.
  • Storm drains.


Instructions for use:




To open clogged or slow drains, slowlypour 3 tablespoons of powder into drain opening and follow immediately with 2 ltrs of warm water.  Repeat once a week for regular drain maintenance.  For drains receiving large amounts of organic matter ( kitchen floors, laundry, sinks, and drains). Use 6 tables spoons 2 - 3 times per weeks.


Toilets and Urinals:

To open clogged and slow toilets and urinals, slowly pour approx 3 tablespoons into the bowl and immediately flush.

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